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Through Black Velvet Eyes

ASIN: B00ON9610M

What if in an instant you lost everything you valued? What if in an instant the ability to simply see was taken from you? What if in an instant the person you needed to lean on most in the midst of all that was assaulting you was suddenly gone? This was what Marley faced everyday for more than two years. At the end of her rope when she had all but finally tired of fighting the good fight things changed. Some for the better and some that threatened what was left of her resolve and her sanity, if not more. But the question that  had to be answered was would the small bright spots be enough and would they be in time?

Pheramane, A Gatherer

ISBN-13: 978-1483407609

In the swamps of central Florida during the late 1800's the residents were much as they were everywhere else, there were good people, bad people and worse than bad; but they all had one thing in common, they were all going to die at some point. Something watched and waited for one of these deaths to occur. This would not be a normal death because this was not an average run of the mill human, this was Leander Timms and he had been called to a higher purpose.


The Maxwell family were the worse than bad alluded to earlier with the exception being the youngest of the family, a girl child named Trudy. Trudy had among others, the misfortune of falling in love and being loved by Leander Timms. Their feelings for each other started a series of events in motion that had been foreseen for perhaps centuries. All men must face their maker when the shadows of this life finally close in around them, but not everyone takes the same path to that inevitable moment.

With Symapthy for Job


Molly Burgess died. She died far too young and much too brutally for someone that possessed the nature and kind spirit that she did. She tried to live after all of those terrible things had been done to her but in the end she only succeeded in living until she saw her father for that one last time, but that one time was enough. Enough for her to tell him who had done such things to her then she finally found peace. The nightmare was only beginning for her father though. He would find this person and he would know why the boy had chosen to do what he had done before avenging his daughter but Iva Burgess doubted that he would be so lucky in finding his own peace considering what he was planning. The old woman back in the hills felt what was happening and would help if she could even though the cost to their souls could and probably would be steep, maybe steeper than the mountains that had always protected them before now.

The Betrayal


Bryant Greenway thought he had found everything that he ever wanted or would ever want or need until he found her with his best friend. In a moment of complete disbelief and heartbreak he did something that went against everything that he had ever been taught and in that instant he changed the futures of several lives including his own. And this would not be his only mistake. In months and years to come Bryant would discover that his biggest failing hadn't been his grievous error in judgement but his desire to take those close to him at their word, painfully he also learned that he wasn't the only one with secrets. Peace of mind would finally come not only to Bryant but also to others whom he had hurt as a result of his actions, but not in any way that anyone would have ever dreamed.

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